Types of Sales representatives

The volume of rights and obligations of sales representatives are:
1. Sales representative with full rights and duties- this is a cooperation, which appears in the form of mediation, direct representation or indirect representation;
2. Sales representative with incomplete volume of rights and obligations- for example this is a sales representative who can only mediates the transactions carried out by the dealer, without being empowered or a representative who can only carry out transactions on their own behalf and on behalf of the merchant;
3. Sales representative- delkredere- exept the typical cooperation under Article 32, paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code, this representativehave further assume an obligation to respond personally for the fulfillment of the obligations under the contracts concluded with their cooperation deals. With giving this coomitment the commercial agent is entitled to separate remuneration, agreed in writing, and the parties may not agree in advance to avoid this remuneration;
4. Exclusive sales representative- this is the commercial representative of a specific region or a range of customers to whom only he can cooperate with the dealer. In return he is entitled to remuneration even if the transactions are not done with his assistance, but were made with individuals from the same region or from the same clientele.

: 28/01/2010

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