BCCI held a massive survey of the state of labor and social security relations in Bulgaria

The BCCI held a massive survey of the state of labor and social security relations in Bulgaria
The BCCI through the united system of regional chambers of commerce and industry at the time scale inquiry carried out consultation on the project in the country under the OP "Human Resources", funded by the European Commission through the European Social Fund.
The project "Improvement of public intolerance towards the informal economy in employment and ensurance relations and preventive actions to curb it" provides as Action 1 a large study of the level of awareness of employers and employees on national and regional level.
The target group of this study was planned to include 4000 companies. About the half of the period is received a responce from 4170 respondents. According to the schedule of completion the deadline for the implementation of Action 1 is the end of March 2010, so the experts say that the BCCI success of the study may now be taken for granted.
The study is directed towards the following sectors in each of the 28 regions in Bulgaria: the production of food products, beverages and tobacco, production of textiles and textile products, manifacture of clothing, insulation and civil construction, hotels and restaurants, transport, logistics and communications, real estate, renting and business services, educational and training services.
Upon completion of Activity 1 on the draft Action 2 provided an analysis of the results on that basis determine the main themes for organizing and holding discussions and training. Next step is to develop methodological tool for teaching and training of employers and members of trade unions of companies /Activity 3/. The total project envisages implementation of 15 activities over 51 months- until 31.12.2013.
Among the activities are organized on regional and sectoral workshops, training, creation of a discussion club for the exchange of information between employers and trade unionists, development of "Alert" mechanism for sending e-mails about the changes in the legislation, conducting trainings for corporate behavior, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, conflict management, mediation and mediation training and dissemination of printed materials and training materials, promotion of best practices, and others.
Among the innovative solutions in the project is to develop an electronic platform with a web- based interactive information environment.
Accordin to experts, the BCCI the strong implementation of inquiry provides a good start for other project activities and is a further guarantee for the positive effect that the project will have as a "lightening" of the bulgarian economy.
The key to increasing the public intolerance of unfair practices is more awareness- bot employees and employers, and the ongoing investigation of the BCCI will give one of the most complete picture of attitudes and training in insurance and labor relations- a sphere of critical to the economic life of the country.
More information about the project and participate in the survey can be found on the web- site of the Chamber, under "New products"- www.bcci.bg/bulgarian/projects/ophrd/index.html
Through the newsletter of the BCCI

: 02/02/2010

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