LEGAL ORDER FOR RENTING A MUNICIPAL PROPERTY Under the provisions of the Municipal Property Act free not residential estate - private municipal property, which are not necessary for the needs of the municipality or legal dependents of the municipal budget can be rented to third parties. The renting of the available not residential municipal properties is performed by the Mayor of the Municipality after a public auction. Based on the results of the auction a rental contract shall be concluded by the mayor or a person authorized by him. The deadline for renting municipal property is defined in the ordinance of the municipal council and can not be longer than 10 years. Portions of estates - public municipal property, except the ones, subject to the concession, may be leased by the mayor after a public auction for up to 5 years after the decision of the municipal council, in case that their renting does not interfere with the activities of those who govern them. The rental prices are determined by the municipal council.

: 31/03/2010

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