Business Opportunities


1. Our customer offers for sale apartment and commercial areas in a new building in a central part of Burgas. 

2. Our customer offers for sale garage at price of 17 000 EUR in complex ''Lazur'', Burgas. 

3. Our customer is looking to buy agricultural land in the village Suhodol or in the village Orlitsi, Sredets Municipality, region of Burgas. 

4. Industrial plot of land with area of 16 244 sq. m. with solid buildings: storehouses quarter Slaveykov, Industrial zone-North, Burgas. Suitable for industrial construction. 

5. Agricultural land with area of 3 600 sq. m. quarter Sarafovo, Burgas.  

6. Agricultural land with area of 9 000 sq. m. facing the road Varna-Burgas. 

7. Agricultural lands with area of 1 000 sq. m. and with area of 2 000 sq. m. quarter Sarafovo, Kusheto, Burgas. 

8. Our customer offers for sale 100 ares industrial plot of land with a building in Industrial zone Burgas, suitable for the construction of industrial buildings. 

If you are interested, please write to us for more information.