From the 1-st of March, 2010 was started the implementation of the Operational Program "Human Resources Development”. The funds provided for the program are amounted to 250 000 000 BGN and are provided by the European Social Fund.



Employers state their willingness to participate in the project, by applying a job site. The application must state the occupation/ specialty, in accordance with the stated job in which the unemployed person can be trained prior to his employment and the type of document/ certificate of qualification or certificate of vocational training which the unemployed person to submit a post completion of training.



The employer has the right to recruit from targeted by the Employment Bureaus unemployed persons from the target group for inclusion in vocational training in the application that profession/ specialty and subsequent occupation of the proposed job after successfully completing vocational training acquired profession/ specialty in order to satisfy the specific needs of employers for skilled workers.



For each job the employer is able to approve more than one unemployed person for inclusion in training in the application. After successfully completing the training of approved persons, the employer makes the final selection from among them for inclusion in employment, in accordance with the requested number of jobs.



The employer enters into an agreement with each approved by the unemployed person and the Directorate for Employment Bureau of commitment for employment after successful completion of vocational training in applied their profession/ specialty and final selection made for a period not less than 9 months.



After the prescribed 12 month program period of employment, the employer is entitled to appoint a permanent employee, or to release him.



The employer receives money for each person hired under the Project after the successful completion of vocational training in applied their profession/ specialty for up to 12 months but not less than 9 months. The funds are provided from the budget of the project.



The employer shall provide additional resources over the established minimum state wage, for a total amount not-less than provided by the project budget consideration for:


- Money owed for annual paid leave under the Labor Code;


- Additional compensation under the Labor Code;


- Outstanding coverage of the Social Security Code;


- Due to other funds;


- Additional funds above the minimum wage established for the country.



The funds to finance the employment of persons employed under the Project is carried out based on the contract concluded between the employer and the Employment Bureau.


: 08/03/2010

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