Court cases won: For the upbringing child benefit up to 2 years of age

In its decision, the Burgas Administrative Court upheld the complaint filed by the Law firm and rejected the decision of the Director of the Teritorial devision of National Social Security Institute, as the administrative decision confirming the prescriptions given to a registered farmer.

The prescriptions were given in connection with proceedings for the granting of monetary compensation for raising a child under 2 years of age under Art. 53 of Social Security Code.

According to the bodies of the National Social Security Institute, the farmer lost her right to a farmer and was not an insured person because she did not register for the business year by 17.06.2019.

In accordance with the statement in complaint of the Law firm, the Burgas Administrative Court held that a farmer without renewed registration in the Regional Directorate of Agriculture, which has not terminated the activity on the basis of Article 1, paragraph 2 of Ordinance on social security for self-insured persons, Bulgarian citizens abroad and seafarers, does not lose its quality as a registered agricultural manufacturer, respectively, does not lose the regulatory basis for social insurance.

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: 31/03/2020

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