LAW FIRM IVANOVA & CO. provides advice and assistance in preparing legal papers and construction documentation.

THE FIRM provides investment advice for real estate and property management on behalf of clients.

THE FIRM works with all state and municipal offices in the Republic of Bulgaria on the occasion of the issuance of documents legitimizing ownership and limited availability of property and contractual rights of ownership to customers.

THE FIRM ensures quick preparation of the issuance of documents of title to real estate - private, state and municipal.

In awarding, THE FIRM represents clients in litigation to resolve issues concerning ownership of real estate law and voluntary partition.

The lawyers and the jurists of The Firm are committed to take the following legal actions in the interest of The Client: 
















- Preparation of notary deeds, powers of attorney, notary calls and assistance in carrying out legal actions before a notary; 
















- Preparation of preliminary contracts for the sale of real estate; 
















- Study on the legal status of the property at the Registry Agency; 
















- Court representation in disputes relating to contracts for the transfer of ownership of real estate; 
















- Preparation and implementation of deals with real estate before a notary; 
















- Providing legal aid and assistance in carrying out the necessary actions after signing the notary deed.