"Ivanova & Co" Lawyers and consultants offers workers and employers:

Current topics in labor law - legislative changes and practice.
Standard documents on labor law - we offer ready projects of contracts, orders, rules and other acts.
We prepare a package of mandatory documents regarding the employment relationship, in accordance with the specifics of your company and the requirements of the bodies, controlling the observance of the labor legislation by the employers.
We offer workers preparation of employment contracts, agreements, applications, requests, complaints.
Seminars on labor law: We organize seminars on labor law on current topics.
The dates of the seminars in 2021 will be announced on the website of the Law firm.

We offer:
1. Advising employers and workers on labor relations issues. We prepare all the necessary documents regarding:
hiring workers;
change of employment;
termination of their employment contracts by the employer.
2. We provide representation of employers in labor disputes.
3. We provide protection to employers during inspections of the "Labor Inspection" Directorate on the occasion of compliance with labor legislation.
4. We provide specialized legal protection for labor cases of employers and workers: regarding due salaries, due remuneration for overtime work, property liability, compensation for an accident at work or occupational disease, disciplinary sanctions, etc.
5. We provide judicial protection in case of illegal dismissal of workers as well as protection in case of change of employer.
6. Provides advice in the field of collective labor law: on the work of employees' representatives, on the conclusion of collective agreements and others.
7. Preparation of Regulations for the internal labor order, Rules for salary, including regulation of the similar nature of the work for obtaining a class: additional remuneration for period of employment and professional experience. Preparation of Rules for health and safety at work, Code of Ethics and other rules for the company.

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